1. UV inks do not require absorption to cure - UV printing was originally developed 20 years ago. It first became popular with bottle, cup and tube printers because it solved several problems. It allowed printers to print on plastic shampoo bottles, steel and aluminum cans used for toiletries, toothpaste tubes, Styrofoam cups, plastic containers for dairy products (yogurt cups and ice cream containers).

  2. UV inks cure instantly when exposed to UV light - It allows printers to stack containers and ship immediately.

  3. UV inks are abrasion and chemical resistant - Besides becoming instantly cure, UV is permanent film-like ink and cannot be washed away in the shower, or with alcohol.  UV inks are abrasion resistant and chemical resistant.  That is why hundreds of printed products including book covers, record jackets, liquor bottle labels, aerosol spray cans, cosmetics and toiletries are all printed with UV inks.

Advantages UV Printing Provides the Non-Heat Set Printer:

  1. UV curing eliminates tracking of ink.

  2. With UV curing, the product can be converted in line. Fold, bind and ship product same day.

  3. The press operator can increase speed of press. Instant drying allows press speed to be doubled.

  4. UV inks can be formulated to be heat resistant. The printer can run products and forms for thermal printers.

  5. UV gloss coatings or UV Protective coatings can be applied in-line on web printing press in-line with ink units, and will cure instantly.

  6. UV inks have no VOC’s. UV’s unique no solvent, no water formulation meet strictest Clean Air Act standards.

  7. Most importantly, the printer can broaden his product line to include:

  • Direct Mail Printing on both coated or uncoated papers

  • Multi-Color Process Printing

  • Catalogs

  • Contest Coupons and Stamps

  • Calendars

  • Coated Labels

  • Flexible Packaging

  • Lottery Tickets and Admission Tickets

  • Cut Sheets for Laser Printing