Barnsley Chronicle Becomes First UK Newspaper to Install UV Curing

“Yorkshire Web’s installation of Prime UV equipment on our existing GOSS Community high speed newspaper press adds a new dimension to the newspaper” explains Adrian Sanger, Production Manager. “One of the main benefits of the new equipment is being able to print on glossy papers – full glossy publications or adding glossy covers to newsprint publications.”

The new Prime air-cooled UV curing system provides Yorkshire Web with high-speed UV curing and complete drying in-line. The UV System was installed and commissioned in June 2012 on Yorkshire Web’s GOSS Community 4-High newspaper press, allowing the Barnsley Chronicle printer to cure UV inks on both sides of the web running at speeds up to 35,000 impressions per hour.

The Barnsley Chronicle has been in operation for 140 years, and serves Barnsley, and surrounding communities in south and west Yorkshire.  

Sir Nicholas Hewitt, Chairman of Barnsley Chronicle, LLC., stated that “the whole company is excited about this new addition.  We’re very excited about opportunities, quality of work we can publish with Prime UV equipment, and markets we can now pursue.” 

Mr. Sanger continued “With the UV process running on our GOSS 4-High, we will be able to expand our commercial web printing business, and our product lines. This will allow Yorkshire Web to gain new customers and eliminate the need for customers to send work to heatset print houses.” Unlike heatset, UV printing is environmentally friendly and is identified as a green technology.  There is no evaporation or VOC emissions, and the quality of printing is exceptional.

Elinor Midlik, President of Prime UV, notes that “another benefit of adding Prime UV is that UV printing eliminates any offsetting problems, which are a major concern for traditional coldset web/newspaper printers. Traditional newspaper inks, especially when heavily applied, offset onto opposite pages of the printed work, and cause blurring and smudging.”

Sanger adds, “The UV process rounds out Yorkshire Web’s ability to meet the needs of its customers. We can now print large volume UV glossy web, and/or cold web newsprint. We consistently find that customers want to deal with one printer that knows their business from computer to plate, start to glossy finish.”

Beyond adding new customers, this UV installation reaffirms Yorkshire Web’s own commitment to the environment. UV printing cuts down on wasted paper, eliminates harmful air pollutants, and reduces its carbon footprint with a 21st Century technological solution.

Prime UV Systems, headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois is the worldwide leader in providing high speed UV systems to the newspaper printing industry, and has installed Prime UV Systems throughout the world, including all countries in the British Commonwealth.