PRIME UV-IR Introduces Ink Mist Exhausters for Commercial Web Pressrooms

Carol Stream, IL –  With pressroom safety and employee health continuing to be a top priority, PRIME UV-IR has seen an increase in the demand for its high quality Ink Mist Exhausters.  Designed to eliminate ink mist from the press tower, PRIME’s Ink Mist Exhausters remove and filter ink misting that contaminates  the press and the surrounding area to creating a cleaner working environment. PRIME Ink Mist Exhausters have been installed in direct mail and semi-commercial pressrooms for over 20 years. 

Now PRIME UV-IR has responded to the concerns of the commercial web printer with a new Ink Mist Exhauster designed specifically for Perfector Web Presses.  While still producing the popular Universal Ink Mist Exhauster, PRIME UV-IR plans to meet the needs of the commerical web market with this revolutionary design.   Now the pressroom supervisor can eliminate ink mist and maintain cleanliness without compromising efficiency, time and quality. With over 25 years of experience providing high performance solutions for the commericial printer, PRIME’s new Ink Mist Exhauster brings the same commitment to excellence and reliability. 

PRIME’s Ink Mist Exhausters are recommended for every type of ink and coating: solvent, waterbase and UV.  In addition, all PRIME UV-IR Ink Mist Exhausters can be retrofitted to fit both commercial and direct mail presses including Goss, Harris, KBA, Timson, Mitsubishi, Heidelberg, Sauden, Muller-Martini, and more!

PRIME UV-IR Systems manufactures solutions for all safety concerns on the press floor.  Every PRIME UV-IR curing system is recommended by the EPA as the BACT (Best Available Curing Technology).  Prime UV produces the preferred high speed UV curing systems.