PRIME UV-IR Introduces RADMAX UV System for Double Wide/Triple Wide Newspaper Presses

PRIME UV Systems, worldwide leader in the manufacture of high intensity UV systems for high speed newspaper and commercial web presses, delivers unrivalled performance with new PRIME UV RADMAX UV for the widest web presses. The RADMAX  UV design incorporates an innovative and highly developed UV lamp emitter with advanced embedded controls featuring continuous data streaming. Solid state design offers maximum flexibility to the production floor for control of uniform UV output and intensity across the widest webs.  “The enhanced conductivity now offered by PRIME UV will lead to significant savings in energy, as well as minimizing start-up waste”, stated Elinor Midlik, President, PRIME UV Systems. “It will allow publishers and printers to significantly increase their green footprint on the press room floor, while allowing them to print on coated and gloss stocks with a modest investment in capital equipment.”

The new RADMAX which incorporates PRIME UV’s inline UV energy monitoring and Constant Energy Delivery (CED) UV System will also be offered to high speed flexible film packaging converters for installation in-line and CI press configurations. The new design will allow flexible film printers to run their presses at maximum speed of their presses while minimizing energy consumption.