KBA Newspaper Printers win accolades after installing PRIME UV

Within one year of installing a PRIME UV System on their Koenig and Bauer AG Commander Coldset Newspaper Press, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been recognized by WAN-IFRA as an exceptional color newspaper printer and has been inducted into WAN-IFRA 2012-2014 International Newspaper Color Quality Club. The Milwaukee Journal is the sole U.S. newspaper to win this prestigious accolade. This recognition demonstrates that the Milwaukee Journal consistently meets exacting ISO standards and can reliably reproduce color images of the very highest quality.

Another coldset newspaper of distinction, PRIME PRINT, in Moscow, Russia installed their PRIME UV System on a Koenig and Bauer AG Comet 4-high web offset press. Designed to print cover stocks as well as newspapers for their thriving list of customers, the PRIME UV system is configured with three high intensity UV lamp systems on each side of the web. Included with the UV system is the PRIME UV Positive Pressure/Air Filtration system which keeps the UV system and critical components clear of contaminates, thus ensuring that the press will consistently cure at top press speeds.

Known worldwide for their high-speed UV curing systems for newspaper, semi commercial and commercial web presses, PRIME UV Curing Systems are exceptionally reliable and provide KBA press operators the surest way to reproduce true color images on coated, supercalendered, and newsprint stocks. PRIME UV Curing Systems enable printers and publishers to print jobs previously printed on heatset presses with No emissions! No VOCs! No permit issues! Best of all, printing with UV inks achieves superior quality because there is no evaporation in the printing process. With PRIME UV Dryers consistent color is achieved at maximum press speeds exceeding 2,000 fpm and 80,000 iph.