prime uv Nitrogen Inert UV Curing Chambers

Custom designed for leading silicone release converters who find UV silicone release coatings a time and money saving investment. The Instant "PRIME UV" cure allows silicone release converters to ship immediately after the product has been coated, decreasing inventory in the converter's warehouse.

PRIME UV | Nitrogen Inert System
PRIME UV | Nitrogen Inert System 2

PRIME UV Nitrogen Inert UV Benefits:

  • Easy access to the Nitrogen Curing Chamber

  • Cure at speeds up to 1500 fpm

  • Web widths of up to 140 inches

  • Maintain oxygen levels of less than 50 ppm

  • 3 independent zones of nitrogen distribution and flow controls

  • 12 sample ports for system monitoring

  • Chill plate for product cooling