About prime uv-ir systems

For over 30 years, PRIME UV-IR has manufactured state-of-the-art UV Curing , UV Coating & IR Drying Systems for Printers, Converters, Packagers and Industrial Coaters Worldwide. We have been the trend setter, the leading innovator and worldwide leader in improving technology to the printing and converting market.

PRIME UV Curing & IR Drying systems are easily installed on both new presses and as retrofits on existing presses and machinery. Our Curing Equipment instantly cures UV Inks, Coatings & Adhesives. Maximize your productivity & profits, increase your product line & customer base with a PRIME UV Curing or IR Drying System.

PRIME UV Curing Equipment is Recommended by the EPA as BACT (Best Available Control Technology) and meets all EPA Clean Air Requirements.

At the Forefront of Technology

PRIME UV-IR  pioneered the very first, fully integrated, PLC multi lamp, UV System with Full-System, Snap Touch operators remote control console.

PRIME UV-IR engineered and patented the electronic controlled mounting system for variable repeat presses.

PRIME UV-IR developed the unique Energy Optimizer Air Filtration System, an energy conservation system that bypasses press-room Heat/AC. This system also completely filters the air/cleaning system which eliminates contaminants and extending the life of components.

PRIME UV-IR perfected high speed, state-of-the-art multi-lamp nitrogen inert UV processors. The systems are recommended for silicone release coatings and other chemistries that requiring oxygen exclusion.

PRIME UV-IR introduced "DOUBLE COOL" air cooled, fully integrated UV systems for wide web processing lines. This systems eliminates the need for trouble prone, high maintenance water cooling of UV curing along with providing fresh air, ozone free, heat management.

PRIME UV-IR introduced unique "in between color dryer boxes" (interchangeable UV dryer cassettes) incorporating DOUBLE COOL UV for CI flex presses for converting packaging films.

PRIME UV-IR developed the "UV SMART SYSTEM"  a computer operator system that includes complete diagnostics from remote locations. This system heat monitoring and temperature management for heat sensitive substrates.

PRIME UV-IR developed the "Easy Scan" portable UV system providing our clients with UV flexibility throughout the press room.

PRIME UV-IR provides state-of-the-art UV conveyors systems that provide "Pattern Adjustable" vacuum hold down systems that provide our clients with flexibility throughout their print projects.